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The Workers Comp Premium Audit: How AIM Helps Employers Prepare
Avoiding Overcharges Before They Happen


Since 1987, AIM has helped employers dispute and correct audit errors and overcharges by insurance companies.


Our newest service is to consult with employers before the audit happens, to prepare for the audit by identifying potential problem areas before the insurance company auditor arrives.


Having the key documents and information ready before the auditor arrives can avoid many costly audit errors before they happen.


Self-serving errors by insurance companies are common. They often occur because the auditor is scheduled for only a limited amount of time by the insurance company for an audit.


If important documents or information are not readily available the auditor may well make assumptions that increase premiums unnecessarily.

Once an audit is done, getting an insurance company to admit mistakes can be challenging, and time consuming.


A far more efficient approach is to

 prevent errors from creeping into audits in the first place.


AIM is knowledgable about premium audit rules in all states.

And we have helped all kinds of employers with audit problems: construction companies, manufacturers, staffing companies, transportation companies, hospital and medical care providers, even an NFL team.


Audit Preparation can be done remotely (just like a lot of premium audits are done now.) And at surprisingly reasonable cost. 



Please email: or call us at 800-288-9256 with questions on our Audit Preparation service or other aspects of Workers Comp premiums and audits.


The AIM book on Workers Comp:

The Field Guide for Employers 



"unlike any other workers' compensation is a must-have for those who manage workers' compensation insurance."

--Professional Safety magazine, review by Dr. Laura Rhodes

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We've been helping employers since 1987, making Advanced Insurance Management one of the oldest and most experienced firms in the field of premium recovery.


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"Advanced Insurance Management has been a tremendous help to Allied Welding, Inc., and has saved us money and generated a significant refund on our Workers' Compensation by finding an error in our classifications. We value their expertise."--Allied Welding

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