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Mr. Priz is also the author of copyrighted material regarding Workers Compensation insurance on the internet at www.cutcomp.com and the blog titled Work Comp Watch at http://compcontrol.blogspot.com/.

Presentations and Seminars
Mr. Priz has presented lectures and seminars before a number of insurance and business groups, including:

The Southeast Metro Law Club
The Central Illinois Chapter of the American Payroll Association
The Illinois Chamber of Commerce
The Workers Compensation Claims Association
The International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association

The Greater Peoria Contractors & Suppliers Association
The Central Illinois Employers Association
The Illinois Manufacturers Association
The Missouri Contractors Association
The Midwest Society of Professional Consultants
Caterpillar, Inc.
The Illinois 1752 Club
The Chicago Roofing Contractors Association
The International Recreational Water Professionals
National Association of Women in Construction
Construction Risk Management Conference sponsored by the International Risk Management Institute


Mr. Priz has conducted webinars on the subject of Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums for:
     Risk & Insurance magazine
     M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC
     Eli Research